The Montmorency Bowling Club regularly partakes in a number of tournaments during each year. We like to maintain our presence in the area, and take every opportunity to show what a good club Montmorency is.

Monty – Australia Day Mixed Medley  2020

Great weather provided ideal playing conditions for Teams to play Singles/ Triples Pairs & Fours.
It is a day where 64 players pit their skills against selected opponents.
The day went off extremely smoothly, thanks to the hard work of all the organizing team. Thank you.
> A special thanks to our Sponsor:   


Prizes were awarded for each game with an overall Team win.
Prize money was presented by Brian from Grand Pacific Tours

Phil McMahon, Shirley Crapper, Grahame Napper, Janice Figgins (absent).


Easter 2018

WINNERS                                                   RUNNER UP

Easter Monday – Mixed Fours Tournament – April 2018
Winner 50 Pts +12 R Barker J Bendtsen D Evans A Caldow
Runner up 50 Pts +10 A Lander J Seymour I Sanderson J Lander
Best First Game
Winner +11 Shots H Barry T Darcy K Darcy B Wintrip
Best Second Game
Winner +16 Shots G Wills A Milligan J Davidson T Hewitt
Best Third Game
Winner +12 Shots C Gilmore D Phelan R Coe C Parker

Best 1st Game                          Best 2nd Game                     Best 3rd Game

Easter Saturday – 3 Bowl Triples Event – April 2017
Winner 52 Pts C Parker R Coe C Gilmore
Runner up 50 Pts I Sanderson J Seymour P Oaten
Best First Game
Winner +13 Shots J Harford C Geddes A West
Runner up +7 Shots J Hullin B Brertoli G Napper
Best Second Game
Winner +6 Shots B Harris T Cameron C Cameron
Runner up +6 Shots B Bell M Byron G Blandfort
Best Third Game
Winner +14 Shots S Crapper C Gregory M Hall
Runner up +10 Shots G Tuck G Crapper S Bowie

Tournaments include the Parliament House Challenge (organised by the sitting local member for Eltham, Vicki Ward, and held at Parliament House).

This years Parliament Challenge was transferred to Montmorency due to extensive works at Parliament House.

Vicki Ward presented the Trophy to this years Winners – Montmorency.
Representatives of the Winning teams were:
Trevor Cameron, Judy Seymour, Peter Rubira & Dianne Schliebs.
Absent:  Graham Tuck, Jeff lander, Annette Lander & Margaret Austin
Full details are available from  the Home page.

Other tournaments that are held between clubs in the area also have representation from Montmoremcy.
Teams will be posted here when announced.

WINNERS                                                Runner up

Easter Monday – Mixed Fours Tournament – March 2016
Winner 54 Pts J Leighton P Stirling L Harford J Harford
Runner up 49 Pts C Cameron T Cameron W Harris V Spark
Best First Game
Winner +9 Shots K Nevill M Brennan G Tuck P Watson
Best Second Game
Winner +16 Shots T Murphy J Nevill D Cox M Cipolla
Best Third Game
Winner +7 Shots B Allison G Wills R Barker M Byron

Best 1st Game                                  Best 2nd Game                                Best 3rd Game

Easter Saturday – 3 Bowl Triples Tournament – March 2016
Winner 54 Pts B Wintrip K Darcy H Barry
Runner up 53 Pts G Crapper S Bowie J Davidson
Best First Game
Winner +15 Shots M Brennan W Larsen M Lanigan
Runner up +10 Shots L White N Russell R Strachan
Best Second Game
Winner +12 Shots E Azzopardi W Lumsden G Blandfort
Runner up +10 Shots K Kirkham M Byron A West
Best Third Game
Winner +17 Shots C Parker C Gilmore R Coe
Runner up +7 Shots R Barker J Leibel M Hall

Ladies Invitation Fours – 25/10/2015
A great days play with representatives from 11 visiting clubs.
The Winners were:
Overall – J Ware (Bundoora) C Sherwood, N Kruize, F Briggs
Runner-up – A Martius (Rosanna) H Farmer, K Plain, L Phillips
Best 1st Game – A Climas (Eltham) A Lewis, R Baker, J Furlong
Best 2nd Game – S Leon (Blackburn) G Middel,L Edwards, B Elliott
Best 3rd Game – R Larkins (Ocean Grove) H Wilson, D Schliebs, M Hall
Check Photo Gallery for some snaps.
WINNERS                                          Runner-up

Diamond Valley Shield 29th March 2015

@ Hurstbridge
Lead              Second          Third             Skip
J Davidson     G Wills           G Tuck           J Ward
J Bendtsen     P Oaten         B Riky            J Lander
N Greenwood S McKenna     C Gilmore       J Harford
A Lander        R Ward          T Cameron     V Spark

Tournament won by Hurstbridge + 49 Shots    Monty + 2 Shots  Eltham – 51 Shots
Unfortuntely Diamond Creek withdrew leaving only 3 Clubs to compete and
it has since been agreed that this will the the FINAL tournament.

EASTER Tournaments 2015

Easter Saturday 
Winners:  D Cox, P Gonzales, M Cipolla, J Cordless (Bundoora)
Runnerup: H Barry,K Darcy, K Kerkham, B Wintrip
Best 1st Game:  P Clements, J Salter, D Hodor, J Lander
Best 2nd Game: B Harris, P Oaten, B Riky, B Lay
Bets 3rd Game:  M Cooke, G Malcolm, D Coulthard, W Taylor (Whittlesea)

Easter Monday
Winners:   B Neil, J Leibel, L Harford, J Harford
Runnerup:  A Croft, C Taylor, P Croft, W Taylor (Whittlesea)
Best 1st Game:  M Hall, R Strachan, R Barker, D Evans
Best 2nd Game: T Murphy, J Neville, D Cox, M Cipolla (Bundoora)
Bets 3rd Game:  S Crapper, R ward, J ward, G Crapper

EASTER Tournaments 2014

For Easter Tournament 2014 

WINNER: S Buck (S) t Brown, G Carroll, M Kastis (City of Heideelberg)
Runner up: B Wilson, G Crapper, R Coe, C Gilmore (Monty)

Monday 21st April 2014 Mixed Fours

WINNER: J Harford (S) L Harford, V Neil, B Neil (Monty)
Runner up: A Purdon, J Ward, R Ward, E Purdon (Monty)
Best Games
1st   B Bertoli
2nd  B Lay
3rd  A Adams.