The Montmorency Bowling Club wants to give everyone the opportunity to enhance their skills.

We have reappointed Ray Jansen as our Head Coach for the upcoming Pennant season 23 – 24.

We also have a group of accredited coaches that are willing and able to provide advice and support at any level.
Whether you want to learn the basics, or how to play the advanced shots, don’t be shy – they are here to help.

Our accredited coaches are: 
Margaret Austin, Shirley Crapper, Clive Gilmore, Steve Hillam, Annette Lander, Jeff Lander,
Vera Lay,
John Leighton, Craig Newbegin, Frank Phillips, Carl Ryan, Vince Spark, Graham Tuck, Peter Watson.

There is a correct way to adjust “Weight” – See one of our Coaches.
From time to time, the club will invite high profile coaches to provide their insights into the game of bowls at the top level. These sessions have introduced additional skills and understanding of the game. In the past, we have received the benefit of the experience of Karen Murphy and Kay Moran.
We have also been privileged to have sessions with Lee Schraner, Lachlan Tighe, and Graeme Bridge.