Join our Juniors


The Montmorency Bowling club welcomes people of all ages to be a part of the bowling community. The great thing about bowls is that there is no age limitation.

In 2006, Oliver Clark joined the club as a 14 year-old, and in 2007-08 won the Best First-year bowler in Saturday pennant. Oliver went on to be an integral member of Monty’s Division 1 side, until his family moved to Perth in 2012. Oliver returned to our Club in 2020 and was appointed as Club Coach for 2021 which was unfortunately cut short when he moved to Tasmania for employment.

However, in January 2008, Brennan Byma joined the club (also as a 14 year-old), and he too won the best First-Year bowler for Saturday pennant, in 2008-09. Brennan is on the verge of selection in Monty’s top side. His yellow bowls stand out, just as his talent does.

Jacob Edelstein showed enormous potential when he joined in 2008 (also as a 14 year-old). He had natural style and ability which would have taken him as far as he wanted to go. Unfortunately, his family moved out of the area, and he was lost to the club.

Madalynn Herbert was the youngest to join, and was starting to show promise when she decided not to continue with the game.

While there are no Junior programs at Monty at the moment, there is a Victoria wide U18 competition, and the Diamond Valley Vipers are our local team. Monty has had juniors in this program – Oliver Clark and Brennan Byma.

The Montmorency Bowling Club would love to increase the number of juniors in its ranks.
If you would prefer to play a game where skill, judgement and finesse count, rather than brute force and hard contacts, consider trying the sport of Lawn Bowls.
Check out the New Bowlers page for information on how you can try out the game, obligation-free.